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Pre-show Preparation


  • What should visitors from China Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan and foreign countries prepare before visiting?

1. All the participants must complete the online real-name registration before the exhibition.


2. Foreigners residing in China need apply for Shanghai Health Code (In Chinese随申码) before the exhibition. When entering the fairground, please show the Shanghai Health Code in green to the security guard and claim for your badge at visitor counter by showing the original passport/Hong Kong & Macao Passes/Taiwan ID card.


3. Participants with temporary entry need prepare COVID-19 RNA Test Report, Notice on Release from Medical Quarantine , and apply for Shanghai Health Code in green to the security guard and claim for your badge at visitor counter by showing the original passport/Hong Kong & Macao Passes/Taiwan ID card.


4. All participants shall stay in qualified hotels that meet the conditions of sanitary and epidemic prevention. All participants should avoid going to public places with dense population except the exhibition site during the show period. When going out, it is required to wear facial masks, wash hands frequently, maintain social distance, and consciously abide by the epidemic prevention regulations of the exhibition site and the local government.


  • How to apply for Shanghai Health Code?


Please download WeChat APP or Alipay APP, then scan the QR code as follows or search "SUI SHEN BAN" (In Chinese随申办) in the APP and finish the online verification to get your code.



Visit Tube China 2020 During 4-day Exhibition


  • What is the procedure of entering the fairground?

All participants entering the fairground need follow the admission procedure as below:


Step 1: Show your Shanghai Health Code in green to security guard at the entrance No.1 or No.2

Step 2: Take temperature check (37.3)

Step 3Claim for visitor badge at overseas visitor counter by showing your original passports/Hong Kong and Macao passes/Taiwan identity card.

An epidemic quarantine area will be set up onsite. Those with body temperature over 37.3℃ will take more detailed test there. If it is judged as a suspected COVID-19 infected case, the organizer of Tube China has the right to notify the relevant department in time. The visitor need cooperate with the organizer to go to the designated medial point for further check.


  • Shall the visitors wear facial masks during the exhibition?


All participants entering the fairground must wear facial masks, maintain a safe social distance of 1 meter, do not gather or crowd, and reduce physical contact throughout the exhibition.


  • How will the organizer ensure air circulation at the fairground?

To ensure air circulation in all areas of the exhibition, all the entrances and exits of the exhibition halls are open and fresh-air system will be on working all the time.


* For more information about hygiene measures at the fairground, please feel free to contact us.



Other Issues


  • Has the Chinese government lifted the travel restrictions for foreign visitors so far?


Click here to learn updates on immigration policy for foreigners to enter the Mainland China announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China National Immigration Administration. Please also keep an eye on the website of Chinese embassy in your country/region.


* The prevention measures on COVID-19 will be updated according to the current situation, please stay tuned to Tube China website.



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